When it comes to constant chronic pain, Dr. Yusuf Mosuro believes in treatment that locates the source of pain and uses minimally invasive techniques to produce results. Gone are the days when major surgery was one of the only options to treat severe pain. Instead of engaging in procedures that often require multiple surgeries and considerable recovery times, minimally invasive procedures have been developed. As the name suggests, these techniques are designed to not require patients to go through a long ordeal where solutions might not be readily attainable.

Examples of minimally invasive procedures include lumbar, thoracic and cervical epidural steroid injections. By making injections directly where pain resides, this can relief the pain felt by patients without the need to make serious incisions that are more complicated. Dr. Mosuro specializes in many other techniques as well. These include peripheral nerve blocks , spinal cord stimulation, and other steroid injections such as those to treat carpal tunnel.

Patients who suffer from chronic pain must get help in order to have proper treatment. Not a single person should have to live with constant pain that can otherwise be treated effectively through a variety of procedures. First, a consultation is needed to go over the details of where the pain is located, the severity of it, and additional details. From there, a plan can be made to develop the type of treatment that best suits the individual patient.

Advancements in both technology and medicine have helped develop better treatments for patients with a variety of ailments. This is why getting treatment is extremely useful.