While back pain is rarely something that people worry about, when it actually happens to them Houston pain management expert Dr. Yusuf Mosuro knows that understanding the causes and finding ways to prevent it are desirable. There are many different factors that can result in chronic back pain, and the way in which people sleep can make a major difference in how their back feels. Specifically, someone sleeping on the incorrect type of mattress night after night has the potential to put undue pressure on the body. Mattresses that are made of  materials that lack durability, ones that offer the wrong type of support for the individual, and older mattress that have been used beyond the standard time for effectiveness can all cause problems. The following are some important considerations to keep in mind when selecting a mattress.

Aside from brand and price, Dr. Mosuro believes that picking out the right mattress involves getting a personal feel for each option. Most stores that sell mattresses will have models that can be tried out personally. Taking the time to try a few by resting on them for a period of time can be a useful indicator of the kind of support they offer. It is also helpful to switch sleeping positions periodically to ensure that there are no major changes in how the mattresses feel.

The type of mattress should also be considered. Traditional spring mattresses, foam, andthose offering firmness adjustments are some of the most common options. Depending on the budget and personal preference, people have plenty of choices, and it is a matter of finding what is most comfortable.

Pain management specialist Dr. Mosuro wants patients to know that mattresses have expiration. The general rule is to get a replacement after eight years of use. This is because the constant weight of a person night after night can gradually warp the material inside depending on the type of mattress. Moreover, skin and sweat build up inside of the mattress, making the growth of bacteria more prevalent. Occasionally, a mattress can be flipped over to increase its practical use, especially those made from more traditional materials.

No matter which mattress is selected, people should make careful considerations in regards to the level of support that it offers. Doing so has the potential to prevent chronic back pain later in life.