Weight loss is something everyone struggles with at some point, and there are so many schools of thought on the best way to do it. Dr. Yusuf Mosuro suggests making a few small changes at a time as opposed to attempting a quick overhaul and then falling off the wagon. Here are some tips that Dr. Yusuf Mosuro suggests to get started.


  1. Cut back on eating out. And when you do, go for grilled chicken or a hearty salad.
  2. Stop buying snacks. If you have to go out and get it, you’ll eat it much less.
  3. Eat breakfast, even if it’s something small. A little bit of protein here goes a long way.
  4. Exercise when possible, throughout the day. Walk instead of drive, do jumping jacks during commercials, etc.
  5. Stop smoking. This helps your body in so many ways!
  6. Clean out your pantry and only replace it with foods that are healthy.
  7. Be careful at Happy Hour. Instead of ordering deep-fried bar food, grab a salad. Or avoid nights out at the bar and do something active with your friends.
  8. Get motivated with music. Or podcasts. Or audiobooks. Whatever is going to keep you moving.
  9. Add vegetables to everything. They’ll help fill you up, even when you add them to your favorite foods, like pizza, and then you won’t have room for dessert.
  10. If your fitness level allows it, start running. A 5k distance is the perfect length to strive for.
  11. Yoga is the perfect blend of physical, low impact exercise and positive energy.
  12. When ordering out, get the smallest portion size, or even a kid’s meal.
  13. Plan for dessert. Eating healthy snacks will give you wiggle room for sweets.
  14. Pick a fun way to exercise.
  15. Limit snacks after dinner. Drink water instead of snacking while you’re watching TV.