Dr. Yusuf Mosuro  is a highly respected member of the medical industry, and prides himself on providing practical advice that anyone can use to help themselves be their healthiest. One of the most important things about achieving the ultimate balance in life is also conquering emotional wellness. This means handling stress head-on, and adding improvements to a daily routine to help combat its effects before they even begin. Here are some of Dr. Yusuf Mosuro ’s favorite ways to help.

  1. Meditate: Taking a few moments to one’s self each day is one of the best ways to clear the mind, something should do. Think of it like you would your bedroom closet: clutter takes up space. Dr. Yusuf Mosuro suggests taking at least 15 minutes to just sit and absorb the day’s events in silence. Pick a mantra that you can repeat, an inspiring quote to help motivate you to stay on the right track, and you will see a difference.
  2. Go Technology Free: It is so easy just to grab your phone, tablet or computer and log on to find out anything. Of course these broadens communication as well, and is a benefit to our daily lives. But it’s very important to take some time away from the screen as well, especially if you use a computer a lot for work. Go on a walk outside, read a book or try some yoga instead.
  3. Fitness Time: One of the best ways to avoid a build-up of negative and stressful feelings is getting in a good workout. Studies show that once you get your blood pumping, all those feel-good things called endorphins kick in. Bonus: Dr. Yusuf Mosuro shares people who work out on a regular basis are less likely to gain weight, and also have a lower risk for depression as well.

Dr. Yusuf Mosuro  knows these suggestions will improve anyone’s stress levels. The most important thing that anyone can remember when dealing with stress is that it happens to everyone, and although we can’t avoid it altogether, we can find some ways to deal with and control it.