Safer Alternatives to Epidural Injections Revealed by Dr. Yusuf Mosuro.

Dr. Yusuf Mosuro, performs transforaminal root sleeve injections to treat pain in his patients instead of risky epidural injections. He’s always been ahead of the curve with the care he gives his patients by offering them state of the art care and procedures.

Recently the FDA met to highlight the need to alter the labels of certain corticosteroids to make epidural injections safer. The committee voted 15-7 in favor of calling for ‘particulate’ steroids not to be used for epidural injections because of the greater risks over ‘nonparticulates.’

What led to this were a large number of adverse complications, sometimes fatal, in cases where corticosteroid injections were used for back, neck, and radicular pain.

Many of those Doctors that sided with the ruling agreed that such injections had many risks that the FDA should investigate further. Earlier this year in July, the FDA approved a new label that explicitly outlined the risks associated with corticosteroid injections.

According to Dr. Yusuf Mosuro, he stopped using corticosteroids decades ago because of those complications that have only recently been listed on the label. “Traditional epidural injections used by anesthesiologists are archaic. I’ve been trying to educate people about these risks for years.”

For longtime pain sufferers, they should know that there are treatment options still available. “Luckily there is a better way, for example, a transforaminal root sleeve injection that is used with guided imagery.” DR. Yusuf Mosuro goes on to say, “With this procedure, patients can leave the same day and return to work the next day instead of having a lengthy recovery time. So not only is the procedure safer than an epidural injection but it allows patients to get back to their day to day lives much more quickly.”

The days of lengthy recovery times and risky procedures are over, and the FDA’s recent investigation proves the need for alternatives such as those performed by Dr. Yusuf Mosuro.