Those who suffer from these common types of pain can benefit from innovative treatment techniques.

Dr. Yusuf Mosuro knows that every person who suffers from chronic pain wants a solution that will work for their individual situation. It is essential that each individual finds this kind of solution, and the first step is consulting an expert that will help the patient find what causes their pain and how to best treat it. Each patient is unique, and not every case can benefit from the same treatment. This is why options like pain medication don’t often work. They don’t target the individual condition, but rather focus on providing a blanket treatment that merely masks the pain. For those who want real solutions, it becomes more complicated. Fortunately there are many new options offered to those who suffer from these types of pain, especially in the way of minimally invasive procedures and treatments. These kinds of procedures vary depending on the condition and the patient, but here Dr. Yusuf Mosuro would like to discuss how some common pain conditions can be treated with groundbreaking minimally invasive procedures.

One common condition that many individuals suffer from is back pain. This kind of pain can have many causes, including problems with the spine and muscle pain from past injuries. However, the result of this kind of pain is usually the same, and prevents individuals from living life normally because the intense pain makes it difficult to move. Minimally invasive techniques can treat many of the conditions that cause back pain. For example, vertebroplasty is used to treat vertebral fractures that may be causing back pain for a patient. Other common procedures that help those suffering from back pain are epidural or root sleeve injections, which are often great alternates for traditional open back surgery because they target the source of pain without ripping apart the entire area or risking further damage.

Another very common source of pain for individuals, according to Dr. Yusuf Mosuro, is joint pain. Joint pain can cause distress for individuals in many different areas of the body, including the hips, arms, and legs. Again, there are a number of different joint associated procedures that may treat joint conditions. Injections are again a good option for many patients, as these can administer anesthetic or anti-inflammatory agents to help stop pain. These kinds of injections can not only help with pain but may also improve mobility and function to the affected areas.

The important thing for individuals who suffer from chronic pain to remember is that there are always options to treat and end their pain. Many of these options are minimally invasive treatments that will prevent the individual from further suffering and offer them long lasting solutions. To learn more about the options that individuals have for treating their chronic pain, please visit