When dealing with chronic pain, there are many different treatment options depending on the condition or injury. One such treatment is an epidural steroid injection.

According to Dr. Yusuf Mosuro, one of the least invasive methods is a transforaminal injection. This is different from what most people think of in regards to epidural injections. Epidurals given to women who are giving birth, for example, require a long needle that is pushed in at the lower back.

With transforaminal injections, on the other hand, the injection of a long-acting steroid requires much smaller needles. The injected steroid is meant to reduce the inflammation and swelling of the patient’s spinal nerve roots and other tissues surrounding the spinal nerve root. The goal is to reduce pain, tingling and numbness and other symptoms caused by such inflammation, irritation or swelling, says Dr. Yusuf Mosuro.

There is some pain involved with a transforaminal injection; however, Dr. Yusuf Mosuro says doctors often use a local anesthetic to numb the skin and deeper tissues before the transforaminal injection. This allows the actual injection needle to feel more like a strong pressure or pinching instead of a sharp pain. The whole process can take between five and 10 minutes. Because the whole process is so quick and is not invasive, patients are not “put out” for the procedure.

According to Dr. Yusuf Mosuro, a transforaminal injection is a mixture of saline, local anesthetic and the long-acting steroid medication. The effect of the steroid, which begins working in about three to five days, can last for up to several months.

Patients can usually receive two or three transforaminal injections. They would only get a second or third if the previous dose does not relieve their symptoms within two weeks of the injection. If the injection does not work by the third attempt, it probably will not work on person’s particular condition. The patients who usually respond better to the injection are those who have pain radiating from the spine down into the arms or legs rather than the patients who have only back or neck pain.

Dr. Yusuf Mosuro believes that it is essential for patients who suffer from chronic pain conditions to be able to find long term solutions for their pain and suffering. That is why he strives to offer the most up to date information on minimally invasive procedures and how they can benefit patients who are suffering from these conditions. Minimally invasive surgery can be the solution that patients need to stop pain and get back to living the life that they love. To find out more about the pain management solutions and techniques with Dr. Yusuf Mosuro please visit https://dryusufmosuro.com