DR Yusuf Mosuro provides relief to herniated disc sufferers

Coblation nucleoplasty, a clinically-tested, non-invasive procedure by DR Yusuf Mosuro, is turning heads in the medical community by significantly reducing the persisting pain associated with herniated discs.

 Coblation nucleoplasty, a non-invasive procedure performed by DR Yusuf Mosuro, is coming to the rescue for those in pain caused by herniated disks. A spinal disc becomes herniated when it is crushed or squashed between vertebrae bones in the back. Also referred to a slipped disk or ruptured disk, this problem has been known to cause persisting pain and numbness throughout the back, shoulders legs and arms. 

Though herniated disks are often treatable without coblation nucleoplasm with the exercise, over-the-counter prescriptions, and physical therapy regimes, many herniated discs are often too severe for these treatment methods. DR Yusuf Mosuro. As he is more commonly known, has spent the vast majority of his medical tenure treating those suffering from persisting pain of all kinds. DR Yusuf Mosuro is well-versed in many procedures related to chronic pain and among them is the coblation nuceloplasty.

Coblation nuceloplasty is a procedure that cuts out the squished, dysfunctional matter from between functional vertebrae, working to restore the original shape and function. Requiring only minimal anesthetic assistance, coblation nuceloplasty’s goal is to break down the problematic soft tissue using radio frequency energy. This state-of-the-art procedure protects the vertebrae and still-functioning disk tissue. Rather than using potentially harmful blades or lasers, the coblation nuceloplasty actually promotes healing by coagulating any bleeding in a controlled, safe environment. 

Coblation nuceloplasty procedures are completed in a matter of hours and only require its patients to take a single day off of work for their procedures. The pain-reducing effects of coblation nuceloplasty also act extremely fast – the pain associated with the herniated disk is eradicated as soon as this non-invasive procedure is completed because the source of the pain is being treated. It only takes a few hours of doctor supervision after the completion of this procedure before patients are allowed to leave the surgical suite and go home.

DR Yusuf Mosuro, one of the most esteemed practitioners of pain relief in the US, has quickly become a heralded authority on coblation nucleoplasty.